Same Penis Forever!

Yes, we thought that title would get your attention.

But it’s true – right?

At the weekend we had the pleasure of being a part of a very special hen-do for Millie Mackintosh.

As you can see from the below images, it was super fun, colour-filled and playful.

Hen Party Balloons

Millie Mackintosh Hen Party

Millie Mackintosh Hen Party

Hen Party Balloons

Hen Party Balloons

Giant Tassel Balloons

Our Giant Balloons are always a winner, especially when they’re branded with your besties name.

Our branded Giants are custom orders, but we’re always up for some fun, so drop us an email if you have a good idea for yours!

Millie Mackintosh Hen Party

Millie Mackintosh Hen Party

Hen Party Balloons

Along with the fun giants, we also provided a bunch of our Hen Party Balloons.

Covered in slogans such as…

Last Fling Before The Ring!

Bride Tribe

Goodbye Miss, Hello Mrs

they were a fun addition to the overall set up.

Hen Party Balloons

The Hen Party Nest

What’s a celebration without a balloon ceiling and mini balloon covered floor?

Our Flamingo Pink Party Bunch covered the ceiling above the bed (how effective from only one bunch?)

And our Flamingo Pink Mini Balloons looked so cute scattered over the floor.

Bubblegum’s Top Tip: use our Mini Balloons to make any celebration extra special.

They’re only air filled and create magic in seconds.


Bruern Cottages  Bruern Cottages

Bruern Cottages

The Best Hen Party Weekend

The hen and her chicks were lucky enough to get to spend their hen weekend at Bruern Cottages.

We can see why they chose the spot too!

12 cottages on one ground, decorated beautifully. Heaven.

Shop The Hen Party Range

Shop the full Hen Party range HERE

To have the Bubblegum Girls come and set up something special, email us here.



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