The New Normal

Bubblegum Balloons: The New Normal

Quick facts:

* Any past orders are being fulfilled as normal

* Any new orders are being fulfilled as normal

* We are operating next-day balloon deliveries to all UK Mainland addresses


As an online retailer with an enormous warehouse and office, we are some of the lucky ones. We are running a skeleton team which really is the bare bones that could keep the business functional. Your personalisation & inflation is even being conducted by the original 3 Bubblegum Girls, with everyone who can, working from home.

You can see for yourself below, once filled with crazy energy, balloons & people running around, HQ is suddenly a very different space. Everyone has their own work stations more than 2m apart, their own aprons with their own tools such as scissors, ribbon etc. and no one other than the core team is allowed in our building.

Keeping a safe and functioning space for all of the Bubblegum team has always been our number one priority and we're pleased we've been able to react quickly enough to ensure all of our current and future deliveries are fulfilled.

At a time of such uncertainty, we're here to support, surprise and delight more than ever. We may all be inside, but the reasons to make people feel special are now more apparent than ever.

Any questions please contact us via our social media channels (Instagram or Facebook) or give us a call or email.

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