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Creating Rose Pink Magic

If you follow us on social media (and if you don’t, you should!) then you’ll know we love Aynhoe Park.

One of the UK’s most gorgeous venues, we’re lucky enough to be there most weeks.

Whether setting up for parties, birthdays or weddings, we know the place well.

Last week we were called upon to create something a little different by Sophie Aynhoe.

The result? Well, the images speak for themselves!

A Diamond Wedding

The Diamondz are an unusual shape and style, making them extra special.

Available in a range of colours, they can be used for any event.

They just happen to be perfect for a wedding in rose pink.

They Work Wherever

Strung up for a suspended ceiling, or lining the bar, they work wonders.

They’re an easy way to make a big impact too. A handful in a bunch is all you need.

Dotting the bunches around the room will ensure the event feels extra special.


Being metallic, they work wonders for brightening up a space.

Reflecting any light they can get their hands onto, they act like tiny disco balls.

A camera flash, party lights or the sun are the Diamondz best friends!

The Suspended Ceiling

Mixing the Diamondz with white giants made for a super special ceiling install.

Crisp and gorgeous – we love this combination.



From Instagram

We always keep an eye on the live-posts from the events we’re involved in.

There’s nothing like seeing the room come to life with love and light.

How beautiful are these shots of the happy couple tying the knot?

The Videos

Sometimes it’s impossible to capture the moment with a picture.

So here come the videos…

The suspended ceiling it totally gorgeous – we’re in love!

Any Excuse

To show off how beautiful our balloons are!

Hire The Bubblegum Girls

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To inquire about an Aynhoe Park Wedding, please download the brochure here: Aynhoe Park


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